About Danger Baby

At 14 months old after watching her once again attempt something utterly life threatening, her mother re-christened her Danger Baby. Not simply content with trying to kill herself via leaps off the couch and standing upright on wobbly chairs, Danger Baby tries to emulate her older sister, Princess Crazy Preschooler, who at 2 years and 11 days older than Danger Baby is far better at things like balance and coordination.

Princess Crazy Preschooler serves as a foil, mentor, tormentor and the chocolate to Danger Baby’s peanut butter. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, and nations quake at the sheer magnitude of their exploits. Princess Crazy Preschooler is also bat-S#!t crazy and has been so recognized for this by the U.N. and other global organizations.

This all to the dismay of Danger Baby and Princess Crazy Preschooler’sMommy & Daddy.  As first time parents, they had absolutely no idea what they were doing, but knew it was going to be fun. Mommy read a lot and Daddy wanted to name the baby “Switchblade Motorcross.” He was vetoed.

Mostly however, they were on the same page, a page with a lot of “huh, that’s a new one” written on it.

For some bizarre reason Mommy & Daddy decided it would be a good idea to have a second child. No one knows if they were rip roaring drunk or just suffering from a temporary case of pheromone insanity when this decision was reached. There are many schools of thought on the subject.

Daddy writes this blog, so as Danger Baby attempts to maim herself, and Princess Crazy Preschooler continues to redefine the phrase “Huh…wait, what?” he will do his best to chronicle their exploits in a fashion worthy of his many decades of comic book reading.


Wobbly chair? Check. More items than hands can carry? Check.


Danger Baby, Princess Crazy Preschooler and Mom & Dad are Americans currently living in Cork, Ireland. Mom hails from Anchorage, Alaska but moved to Columbus, Ohio where she met Dad and Danger Bay and Princess Crazy Preschooler were born. They moved to Cork because Mom is really awesome at her job. Dad stays home and writes stuff like this blog.