Chapter DXXVI


The Tales of Danger Baby!

Chapter DXXVI

There are all sorts of misnomers about how the native peoples named their children, but traditionally the Native American tribes had a complicated naming system with six classes of names: birth order, honor, special deed, nicknames, secret and spirit names.

The names were almost always tied to nature and also to the personality of the individual, which is why individuals would sometimes have a name change later in life or not be named until they were far out of infancy.

I like this system, and this is why both my daughters have found themselves saddled with more than one moniker and have shown us their Native names. For instance, Princess Crazy Preschooler for quite a while was known as “Only Wears Purple” (for obvious reasons) which made her wardrobe selection rather dull.

Danger Baby has recently shown us her Native American name. She is “Second Wind” because quite often at bed time, she suddenly receives a furious burst of energy. All of this despite the fact that not more than an hour before, she was blurrily walking around bumping into things out of pure exhaustion. No matter! Danger Baby’s internal clock knows when it is moments before bed time! That is when Second Wind appears.

Bed time be damned! Oh, are Mommy and Daddy sleepy too? TOO BAD! There is stuff to climb!

10pm? Time to chew and play ball suckas!

Edited: July 15th, 2011