The Pilgrims Didn’t Land in Galway

We are flying home for the Thanksgiving holiday soon because being an exclusively American holiday, they don’t seem to celebrate it here in Ireland.

Today when I picked up Princess Crazy Preschooler and Danger Baby from daycare, I asked them if they wanted to go home for Thanksgiving or to the Grand Canyon.

Princess Crazy Preschooler yelled “Yes! The Grand Canyon!”

I asked her if she knew where the Grand Canyon was and she said, “it’s at home.”

Edited: November 13th, 2011

Olé, Olé, Olé!

I’m off to the pub (the beautiful Mount Oval Bar) in a bit with the neighborhood boys to watch Ireland play Estonia in the Euro 2012 playoffs. I have no idea what sport they’ll be playing because no one told me. I was so excited to be invited I didn’t bother to ask.

Is it rugby? Soccer? Quidditch? Who cares, I’m there!

Edited: November 11th, 2011

Danger Baby Wants Candy!

I had to hold her still for the picture


Danger Baby wants candy. I suggest you give her some for the good of all involved.


Edited: October 31st, 2011




Danger Baby (Daughter Version 1.5) is staying home from daycare today with Daddy.

She has a bad upper respiratory thing right now. She sounds like she’s been smoking 5 packs a day.

I told her to switch to filters a year ago, damnit!


Cartoons and warm PJs always make it all better

Edited: October 29th, 2011


Daughter Version 3.5 (aka – Princess Crazy Preschooler) just asked me to draw a dinosaur… and then add a hippo… and then Iron Man so he could save the hippo from the dinosaur.

I need to set up a meeting between her and Stan Lee.

Edited: October 15th, 2011

Call My Sponsor

So there are many differences between American English and British English. Living here in Ireland (where they speak much closer to the British version then we do) I have begun to notice the differences. For instance In America, “AA” usually stands for “Alcoholics Anonymous”. Here it is the equivalent of our roadside assistance company AAA (here “AA” stands for “Automobile Association”). 4 out of 5 cars have a big AA sticker on them.

It took my ignorant mind weeks to realize that 90% of drivers here are not recovering alcoholics.

Edited: September 29th, 2011




After six months in Ireland, we’re checking out the #1 tacky tourist attraction: Blarney Castle!

Will Grandma kiss the Blarney Stone? Doubtful. You have to hang upside down by your ankles to reach it.

Will Danger Baby try to kiss the the Blarney Stone? Probably. You have to hang upside down by your ankles to reach it.


It's about a ten minute hike through very lovely gardens to the castle


The Blarney stone is at the top of Blarney Castle


Look Grandma! From this window you can see all my loyal subjects.


It sure is windy up here on top of the castle!


In the end, only Daddy kissed the stone. You have to hang upside by your ankles to reach it.

Edited: September 10th, 2011

Cool Ranch Doritos?

This is what Cool Ranch Doritos look like in Ireland.


Edited: September 8th, 2011




So, my mother is coming to visit Ireland this week. Daughter Version 3.5 (also known as Princess Crazy Preschooler) told us that Grandma will be sleeping in her bed and she will be sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

She then let me know that Mommy will sleep in the bathroom and I get to sleep in the kitchen.

Yeah, that sounds comfy.


All set to head to the airport

Edited: September 5th, 2011